Recipient of 'BEST EXPERIMENTAL' AT THE Guerilla Student Film Festival, 2021
'I’m Fine' is a short I directed for my advanced directing class and it’s a very personal film for me. I have some friends (who shall remain nameless) who have made suicide attempts or had suicidal ideations. The university system (not one school in particular, but several) has often been harsh against students with such mental difficulties, expelling students who express repeated thoughts of suicide during their enrollment, among other policies. If we actually care about the health of those who are struggling, we shouldn’t shun them or try to “scare them out” of their mental disorders, but rather help in any way we can. Love is our calling and our mission, and we should be willing to love others at all times.
We were given a single weekend to write, gather a crew, secure equipment, shoot, and finalize a one minute film. I’d like to think we made something that matters.
'I’m Fine'
Starring Emma Trueba
Written/Directed by Rawleigh K Grove
Cinematography by Dustin Rowe
Lighting by Oliver Lehman
Sound Engineering by Sarah Umhau
Edit/Color/Score by Rawleigh K Grove
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